About IMA Nashik
Formed in 1940 was previously known as Nashik Medical union. The then civil surgeon
Dr. R.D. More, Dr. Varti, Dr.Chobe, Dr. P.S. Gupte were the founders of this organization. We the city of Nashik had the proud previlege of hosting, the Maharashtra & Karnataka Medical Conference in 1937 & MASTACON in 1995 This branch has been actively involved in charitable activities, like...

1. Providing healthcare services to the pilgrims and sadhus coming for Kumbh-Mela.

2. Worked in the worst ever famine of 1973. The branch collectively donated Rs.2500j- to the needy at the same time allowed to use its     premises for the rehabilitation activity.

3. Creating health awareness in the general population, had organized an exhibition for tuberculosis & leprosy in 1960.

4. Running a free vaccination centre since last 30 years.

5. Contributing to the Government run national programmes on health.

With the generous donations from philanthropists like late G. J. Mhatre, Mr. & Mrs. Haribhai Desai, Dr. H. S. Joshi, Mr. Mahabaleshwarkar, Dr. Indumati Joshi, Dr Shukla, Mr. Sakhala and the contributions from its members, the branch constructed its own building in 1971. We have been running a Charitable Pediatric Hospital in the same premises since last 40 years.