11/04/2019 - Safe motherhood program

Immense pride and satisfaction in presenting  Safe Motherhood Day Programme on 11 April 2019 here in Nashik at five different Municipal Corporation Hospitals.The theme of programme was,"When The Mother Is Born"i e ( जन्म मातेचा आणि मातृत्वाचा ). ANC Mothers at these hospitals were advised by imminent speakers from IMA Nashik, destribution of healthy snacks i e peanut and jaggery  ladoos was done.The whole programme was coordinated by WDW IMA Chairperson Dr Geetanjali Gondkar, co chairperson Dr Pritika Chaudhari and Dr Sulbha Pawar.The success credit goes to the well planned and organised work by IMA President Dr Prashant Deore, Secretary Dr Vishal Gunjal, joint Secretary Dr Hemant Sonanis and Treasurer Dr Kiran Shinde. 10 April at ESIS hospital,11 April at Bytco and Indira Gandhi Hospital,15 April at Myco hospital Satpur and Zakir Hussain Hospital.