Society Offices in IMA

Dear Friends,

  • Nashik IMA building is here since last 40 years.
  • MWT formed.
  • Society members and we dfe connected due to bldg.
  • Very few ThAAs have got their own building. IMA Nashik is one of them.
  • If we do not act now this will go in bad shape :- e.q. toilets of ground floor + Ground floor 3/4th area (Built) is not in use.
  • Even a State IMA does not have own office/ or own prermses. (Pune IMA old bldg. demolished to constmct new.)
  • Our bldg. is good. an additionally centrally located good FSI. and no need to stick to FSI & No need to demolish the bldg.
What we want to do in it :
  • A) Main entrance and gate.
  • B) Maintenance of building.
Funds Management :
  • A) Donations from members.
  • B) Place to offer for societies.
  • C) Great philanthropists to appeal
  • (Like Dr. Prakash Joshi sir)
Pune IMA did it by constructing a new building :
  • A) Collection from each member Rs.- 10,000/-
  • B) Society offices lease :
  • Small hall AlC (for conference)
  • - Additional creation of one more hall.
  • C) Donations from private parties :
  • Bodfd room to makeKitchen + working place.
  • - Guest houses.
Donations from member as a (one time CME fees) :
  • A) Exempted in tax_
  • B) Donations 80G only 500/0 amount is exempted
  • C) Refundable Deposit.(3yr.Lock inperiod)
  • D) No need of permission (section 37)
  • E) Figure for societies decided by construction cost.
  • F) Not by prevailing rates as not to be owned by you.
  • G) Collection treated as a corpus. (9 .51%) annum + Intrest + due to this we can get overdraft from bank.
  • H) Our activity is Charitable so no need of permission.
What IMA gets :
  • A) Your presence/so. activity and automatic maintenance.
  • B) Connection to your parent body becomes stronger.
  • C) Maximum constmctive utilization of space available which is otherwise burden for maintenance.
Funds to start more ambitious projects :
  • Like Thalasenia Unit.
Society Offices In UvlA Premises, by this Societies will get following benefits :
  • A) Good place Centrdlly located in cheaper rate Lakh + 1000 withmaint. minimum.
  • B) We can offer definit.e a good concession to societies in premises - a) In hall rent of AlC or Small b) Can waive off dining area charge. c) Utilization of Board rooms .
  • C) No need to go to Big Hotels, search for sponsorships and it will streamline the work of societies not having own premises yet.
  • D) More frequent and small get-togethers can also be possible.
  • E) We can allow them to use Boardroom for meeting, halls for academic and other to keep records.
  • F) Converting small hall to AlC so small societies can utilize.
Bldg. Maint + Revamp : Possible Our few projects closed down due to crunch of funds in last few years : This will not happen in case of society offices.
  • A) Mico chobe unit MTP.
  • B) Vaidyaratna Kelkar X-Ray unit.
  • C) IMA Blood Bank.
  • D) Oxygen unit (Kalyanibai Rathi.)
  • E) Medical OPD.
  • F) Neonatal ICU unit